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Try out remote control for your company for 3 months!

From anywhere in the world, you can implement our solutions to enhance your remote connection without encountering issues with VPN saturation. Contact us and start improving your business experience with telecommuting!
Note: the service is effective for only 3 months during the contingency for COVID-19, later we will contact you to reestablish the service and agree on a payment method.

Step into the future

Telecommuting is one of the best options to minimize risks and costs, while also helping the environment by reducing resource consumption.

Keep the business flow

Your employees will be connected and informed at all times about their pending tasks, and you will be able to track their processes.

Secure connection

Discovery solutions guarantee complete security of your IT environment with all the security protocols your company requires.


Efficiency from the comfort of your home
For Telecommuting: with this tool, a user can connect from anywhere to their workstation located in the company and make use of all authorized applications as long as they are enabled to do so.

Dedicated VPN: We offer an efficient service that guarantees you exclusive use of the VPN for Remote Control, making the connection much smoother since the server is located locally, without the need to travel to remote locations to perform a "return mirror."

Encrypted security: An AES256 key ensures that your data transfer is unique and exclusively between your PC and the device you are remotely controlling, as only these two parties know this language, thus preventing external agents from accessing your information.

What do you need?

1. Discovery Global SkyServer Mirror Edition
2. Internet Connection (User / Consultant / Support Staff)
3. LeverIT Home Office software installed on consultants' or support agents' computers, personal PCs, or home computers.
4. Server Agent Config with the active option to Authorize remote connection with a key for the computer or group of computers to which this remote support option is allowed.
5. In the case of Telecommuting, the user's PC within the organization should not enter power-saving mode to ensure it is available to receive the required remote connection.

More technical ?

Discovery Global
Here you will find everything about the functions performed by Discovery Global.
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