Are you looking to implement TELEWORK in your company?

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Discover the most robust and secure way to provide remote support or connect your employees to their business teams from the comfort of their homes.
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Enter the future

Teleworking is one of the best options to minimize risks and costs, as well as helping the environment by reducing the consumption of resources.

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Keep business flowing

Your employees will be connected and informed at all times of their pending tasks and you will be able to monitor their processes.

ITSM en línea

Secure connection

Discovery solutions guarantee complete security of your computing environment with all the security protocols that your company requires.

How does it work

Discovery Home Office?

LeverIT HomeOffice (Telecommuting) is a lightweight tool (481 KB) that allows secure and reliable remote control, from any geographic location, to a computer with a ReadyEverywhere agent over the internet.

Gestión de activos fuera de la LAN
Internet connection
Encontrar equipos fuera de la oficina
Connect from home with our LeverIT Home Office
encuentra pcs fuera de la oficina
(Global SkyServer)
software gestión de activo en línea
Remote PC with our Discovery Agent.
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How do your teams look?

We develop the way for you to control your technological assets online.

Software Management

Hardware Management

You can take all the reports with you wherever you want, download them in spreadsheets or review them directly from the WEB with total security.



Efficiency from the comfort of your home
With this tool, one or more advisers from different geographic locations can take remote control of any computer that has a Discovery Global agent and is connected to the internet, using an ID and a Password that are generated from the Discovery agent interface.

The remote control may be valid for a minimum of one (1) day. At any time the user can terminate the remote control connection and / or remove the permission granted for remote access. For remote control, the user can also configure the permission request option when they want to access their equipment.

For Teleworking, with this tool a user can connect from anywhere to their computer located in the company and make use of all the applications that they have authorized as long as they are enabled to do so.
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What do you need

1. Discovery version with ReadyEverywhere configured using own mirror.
2. Internet connection (user / advisor / support staff)
3. LeverIT Home Office software installed on the computers of consultants or support agents, personal or home PC.
4. Agent Config of the server with the active option of Authorize remote connection with password for the computer or group of computers to which this remote support option is allowed.
5. In the use of Telecommuting, the user's PC within the organization must not go into energy saving to be available to receive the required remote connection.

More technical?

Here you will find everything about the functions it fulfills.