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Guiding Principles with David Herrera

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Hello! I'm David Herrera, founder and CEO at LeverIT International, and I want to guide you through the entire journey of best practices so that your company can adapt to any service and continuously optimize itself.

If you have any doubts in your company, it's better to call David Herrera!

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Starting where you are
"7 guiding principles"

It is one of the seven guiding principles added to ITIL 4. These principles are for general use, so everyone benefits from learning about them. This is a recommendation that, once understood, seems simple and common sense, but often common sense is not so common, and people prefer to 'start from scratch.' This principle is applied when a change is needed to improve a system. A clear example is when an expert is hired to improve something that is clearly not working well. The first idea is often to let the expert eliminate the entire system to implement a new one that has worked for them in the past. Sounds good. But... usually something that looks bad is not necessarily completely bad. There is always something good that will be lost or that has improved with experience. So, the idea is to analyze, measure, and understand how the old system works, and then decide what should be kept in the new system.

Tip: Also use the other guiding principles to make the change plan.

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Focus on Value
"7 guiding principles"

This principle reminds us that the service, or the process, is just the means to generate value ultimately for the user. Everything can go well in the process, but if the customer cannot generate value, the service value is zero. This also helps us plan a review of the entire service. Every step of the process should generate value.

If not, that could be a waste. Another example. Let's think about a service that prints and delivers tickets to concert attendees. It can do everything perfectly, but if the tickets arrive to the customer after the time they need to leave home, this service is not producing value. It could be improved by sending the tickets in order of distance from the venue.

In other words, put yourself in your customers' shoes and use those checkpoints at every step of the process.

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