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Secure and safeguard valuable information With a smart app for iOS.

Manage your IT security

Be the regent of your mobile device having absolute control over your work tool from the MDM project system. Manage inventories taken, check their update dates, send and obtain detailed reports on the status of the equipment.

Execute actions such as shutdown, restart, lock any function, format, install applications centrally.

Compatible with Discovery Asset Management.


MDM Project

System for managing iOS and MacOS devices that uses Apple's MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocol, by which a connection is created between server and device, using Apple's notification service (APN) as a bridge.

Principal functions

  • Management of iOS and MacOS devices using Apple's MDM protocol.


  • Creation of inventories of the devices for the Discovery Server.

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From the server, Apple devices are managed by means of commands sent over the internet and these in turn respond with required information or, failing that, with the notification that the command has been executed on the device.

Inventory generation

Using a windows client (LeverIT MDM Client application), which consumes the active URLs of the webservice of this project, the inventories of the devices are obtained every period of time. The inventories obtained are processed by the Discovery Server.

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Secure your information

Obtain a certified ID which you download reliably from our servers, obtaining complete management of all the functions of your equipment.

Have the peace of mind of obtaining a device supervision service in case of theft or loss, reporting the incident and blocking the equipment in the same way, activating a panic alarm so that our agents are aware of what happened and can effectively follow up on their assets from Discovery servers


(For most commands to be carried out correctly on an iOS device, the device must be in supervised mode. A resource with its respective procedure is attached)

Get Device Inventory: This command obtains the hardware and software specifications from the device, which are stored in the database. Applications are accessible from the Applications button.


Block Device: Restart the device and block it asking for an unblocking PIN which is configured from the server. (MacOS).


Reboot Device: Reboot the device (iOS and MacOS).


Shutdown Device: Shut down the device (iOS and MacOS).


Format Device: Format the device (iOS).


Device Location

Displays an interface to run trace and lock commands in case the device is lost (these commands are only available on iOS devices). Within this interface we find the commands:


Enable Lost Mode: The device will be locked showing a message on it and preventing any other action with which the device can be manipulated. Every 30 seconds the device will send its location, which will be updated on a map as long as the “Track Location” option is active.


Note: The device will remain locked, even if it restarts


Play Sound Alarm: This command activates an alarm sound on the device instantly as soon as the command is received.


Note: This command must be sent after the Device Lost Mode command.


Disable Lost Mode: This command unlocks the device and turns off its geographical location.



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