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IT Help Center, 100% web technology service, channeling all your requests and attention through a help desk with a single point of contact, immediate boost in the agility of processes, solutions, attention aligned to ITIL and Best Practices with a Efficient CMDB (semi-open source) making the implementation processes much more agile, guaranteeing business productivity.

Higher profitability of the company thanks to:

mejores practicas ITIL
  • It centralizes all the information and organizes the cases to attend them in order of importance for the business, efficiently using IT resources.

  • Unify and formalize the way in which cases are resolved or changes are made so that all advisers serve in the best known way.

  • The advisors know the real situation of all the assets, processes, history and dependencies that may affect when making a change.

  • Support services and processes are continually measured and improved.

  • There is a single point of service which helps the user to easily find how to order something and the service provider to receive quickly and in specific terms what the user needs.

  • Users can easily and precisely express what they need. Selecting by services, by categories or in a search engine by words that will detect coincidences with descriptions of incidents or requirements.

  • The advisers can attend the cases from a computer, tablet or cell phone. Even take remote control of the PC with problems.

  • Each process is custom configured. With this, each ITIL process can be implemented and improved according to the maturity of the company.

  • The attention groups are clear when they participate. They are notified or integrated automatically when necessary.

  • Users are informed during the care of their case and rate the service when the case is closed.

  • The system automatically detects if it is an incident, requirement or some other type of case and selects the appropriate Attention Model.


Your custom help desk!

We adapt to any business requirement by customizing the steps of your service model, making remote support more comfortable. Efficient navigation in the interface, speeding up service times; Aligned with the best ITSM and ITIL practices, we make a difference for your business management.

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We integrate

IT Help Center mesa de ayuda web
Nagios para mesa de ayuda

Learn how to monitor and automate events in your services thanks to your 100% WEB help desk


WEB system for the total administration of the Systems Department

A CMS + CMDBs that allow to maintain and manage the information of each object, person, area, location, document, process, among others. Processing of custom-defined processes to carry ITIL and non-ITIL processes that the business needs in the CMS. Eg Incidents, problems, changes, requirements, knowledge. The internal processes to carry out purchases, tenders or the implementation of changes. Processes to carry out the analysis of the health of the processes or administration of SLAs. Processes to bring improvements to CSI processes. Connection with other products to fill or query CMDBs, or perform remote tasks such as remote control or software distribution.

Self service

The telephone service is decongested since from the WEB application or from their cell phone, users can:


1. Ask or report something to the help center - With a lot of flexibility and help, the customer is asked.


2. How is the solution going? - Allows online monitoring of cases already reported.


3. Possible solutions - The user is informed of the work around that he can use or let the support area take care of it.


4. Additional data - Each type of user request has a process and requests specific data. Data necessary for the process or for the qualification of care.

Management in

the processes of:












What's New

software interactivo

Interactive reports

100% web

Engine, CMDBs and Database

soporte remoto

Remote operations and support

software mejoraiento

Continuous improvement.

interfaz intuitiva

Intuitive interfaces


Administration of computer equipment. ITIL processes and best practices

mesa de ayuda

Organize the attention of your advisors by priority , taking into account the impact and urgency parameters inherent in each case.

Horarios software

Distinguish business days and non-business days, applicable to personalized calendars according to the conditions of each project.

calificacion en linea

Get the rating online for each service provided. Users have the ability to rate each closed case, including requesting reviews or not closing the case for the reasons described online.

niveles de servicios

Service levels are stipulated according to parameters such as the working time in which the service must be re-established, the attention groups, the way of escalation, and the percentage of time that each group must dedicate to the service.

Three different ways for the user to find the category in the way that is easiest for him. Icons of the services, sub-services and most frequent cases, category-subcategories-detail or searching by coincidence of words the descriptions of any case.

reportes helpdesk

Number of incidents, solution times, compliance with SLAs, cases by priority, service qualifications, among others. In addition, a complete application for report writing that allows the generation of reports, queries and indicators to measure, evaluate and improve the management of the service desk.

base de conocimiento

Save time and effort. Ensure quality of care, documenting solutions and creating your own knowledge base. Separate documentation in user language and technical language. Any type of files, text, html, videos, images, among others, are added. Rating is maintained by users of self-help

Notificaciones automaticas

Users informed at all times. Users are automatically notified by the system when an advisor initiates care, enters new actions or terminates the case. They can also add new information or additional comments to your cases.

Dashboard helpdesk

Information to control and make decisions. Different board of graphs to manage the main indicators that measure the status, trends and the health status of the service. KPI charts that update automatically. Management charts by depth from tablet or cell phone.

Ready Everywhere escritorio remoto

Remote control

via internet from Cellular - Tablet - PC

using their licenses

Discovery - Global.


Server HW / SW


Operating System: Windows Server 2008 or higher, 32 or 64 bits with their corresponding updates.


Processor from the Intel Xeon range or compatible with a speed of 3 GHz or higher (Higher recommended).


8 GB RAM memory (higher recommended).


Internet Explorer 10 or higher.


.NET Framework version: 4.5 or higher, depending on the operating system.

Features of .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.5.


WFC services.


Minimum free hard disk space of 20 GB.


Fixed IP address.


Internet connection.


IIS (Internet Information Services) installed and functional with the management console enabled. Role services for application development with ASP, CGI and Server Includes components installed.


Latest available version of Discovery installed and functional.


The Atis console requires IE 10 or IE 11, in addition to the Silverlight component, for its operation. If it is not installed when trying to open the Atis site, it will be requested to download and install it.


The ITHC site can be run from IE 10, IE 11 and IE Edge browser versions. It is possible to access the site through mobile device browsers.


Installation credentials: To install the software it is necessary to have Administrator credentials. Component installation for IIS requires access to the operating system installation media.

Database engine requirements


Microsoft SQL. SQL Server 2008 or higher database engine in its different versions and editions.



You must have up-to-date updates to both the operating system and the database engine.




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