1. Smart Search

Learn to create tickets with the help of understanding ITHC and specific forms by case.

2. Remote control from mobile

See how easy it is to connect remotely to a pc from your mobile browser.

3. Remote control from PC

We also make it traditional by taking remote control from PC to PC.

4. Custom Home

Learn about the different types of home or initial interfaces that adapt to the specific need you require.

5. Satisfaction survey

Analyze the satisfaction survey sent to the client to maintain accurate metrics of our processes.

6. Knowledge base

Understand how and where the system indexes the entire knowledge base of the company.

7. KPI's indicators for BI

Learn about different types of managerial and technical indicators that will allow you to optimize in terms of information gathering and decision-making.

8. Report Management

Manage and manage the most detailed levels of your reports so that you can use them for your analysis.

9. editable reports

Edit reports hot, organize, export and enter new data in the database from the same interface and instantly

10. Hardware management

Take an overview of hardware management and all report manipulation options.

11. Software management

Check how the escalation of a ticket is when it requires another level of attention.

12. itil modules

Manipulate your processes based on best practices and the ITIL framework and see your processes at the service desk

13. CMDB

Organize and understand your IT infrastructure in terms of relationships and CI's or business components

12. Consultations


Know all the software and hardware data of equipment that are outside the corporate network.

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