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Technology is the tool to grow together

Expand your portfolio or create one with us!

We know that the perception is that technological solutions are expensive and difficult to implement.

That's why at LeverIT, we have tailored solutions for small, medium, or large enterprises, adapting to real needs so you can distribute with total confidence and support from LeverIT.

Essential products for business needs

Comprehensive consultations on distribution strategies

Comprehensive portfolio of technological services

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The benefits of Discovery solutions allow partners to increase profitability and credibility in the global market.

With headquarters in Dallas, United States, and a network of international distributors, it supports its partners by providing the necessary commercial, marketing, pre- and post-sales support tools and resources required to ensure comprehensive service to customers.
LeverIT's current objective is to onboard partners to its marketing network through a global program that incorporates consulting firms and technology companies focused on service management solutions, security, outsourcing, and licensing to incorporate value-added solutions into their portfolios.

The new strategic business partners will be accompanied by initial technical training aimed at acquiring commercial skills leveraging the technical virtues of Discovery solutions.

Activation Process

as LeverIT Partner

Complete the affiliation form.

Attendance to Commercial Training.

Receipt of written acceptance confirmation from LeverIT.

Attendance to Technical Pre-sales Workshop.

Signing of distribution contract.

Depending on the level, Attendance to Certification Course, followed by accreditation exams.

Delivery of guarantees for credit line support.

Commercial accompaniment and Opportunity Reporting.

Joint development of the quarterly work plan.

Partner Network


Alfa GL

Leverit Peru SAC

Calle las Camelias 891 2nd Floor Urb. Santa Cruz Lima - Lima - San Isidro

Tel .: (+51) 4423063

Solutions and Services Peru SAC
Andreas Vesalio 722 San Borja, Lima - Peru.

Tel .: ( +51) 969 752 585


A and P Technology
Jr.Huarmey 1321, Urb.Covida, Los Olivos

Phone: 2265674

Calle Los Pino 156 Of. B13 - Miraflores
Tel .: 2422400
Fax: 2422130

Jr. Progreso No 82, Barranco

RPM # 995981022 | RPM # 997514448


Corp DC Tech

Av. Arequipa 2465 Of. 302, Lince - Lima

Telephone: (01) 500 0110 Annex 801

Cell: 965 401 985/994 602 752


Soft Management Av. Arequipa 2465 Of. Peru Branch

Logo integraciones J & I_Mesa de trabajo


Av. Basadre No 233 15073 Lima, Peru

Telephone: 005114888888

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