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Technological inventories

Having your hardware and software inventory is essential to know which accounts at the computer level.

  • Save on purchases, allocation and technological renovation, thanks to decisions based on complete, current and reliable.

  • Mitigates the risk of fines and legal penalties for breaches in regulations and copyright.

  • Increase productivity. Reduce downtime for your users thanks to more efficient support.

  • A clear vision of the capacity, use and health of your technological infrastructure.


  • Take back control of your IT infrastructure and improve your users' perception of the technological service.

What are the modules?

Asset identification

The Discovery agent automatically generates a unique identifier for each computer, which guarantees correct and reliable statistics, without duplicating records, even if the computers have changed their configuration or have been reassigned to new users.



Continuous inventory of hardware, software, files and users of the systems. In addition to commercial and home-made software titles, Discovery collects network data, IP, Host name, domains, among others.

Monitoring and control


Delegate all those repetitive tasks to the Discovery management robot, from keeping Service Packs up to date to updating a new version of Office or applying corrective processes automatically.


Equipment resume

Certificates of equipment delivery to new officials, loan formats, safekeeping vouchers, transfers, resumes, control of warehouse entries and exits, maintenance reports.

Control of licensing

It guarantees that the number of licenses purchased does not exceed those installed, but also analyzes that their use justifies that they are installed on a certain computer or automatically withdraws them.


Find out about all the changes that have occurred in your infrastructure: memories, improper authentications in the systems and any other of the records collected by Discovery and even launch activities associated with these changes eg alerts, uninstallations, reports, etc.

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What do you need?

For the discovery agent you need the following:


The whole family (32 and 64 bits): Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 / 2008/2008 R2 / 2012/2012 R2 / 2016 Windows Mobile 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Discovery Server

Windows Operating System 2016/2019 or higher.

Internet Explorer 11 or higher.

For the database

Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2017/2019

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express or latest version.

For the Management APP

Play Store - Google / App Store - Apple

For web browsers

Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Opera

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