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Yeastar Suppor Helpdesk
Yeastar support New Helpdesk integration

Enhance your Yeastar PBX and provide better remote support

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Yeastar Comprehensive Service Center from the web

Expand your Yeastar systems and complement your sales or remote support with a flexible help desk tailored to your clients.

What is the integration about?

Create Tickets automatically

1. The call comes into the PBX

2.  The IT Help Center generates a Support Ticket

3. The ticket is handled by an advisor from a web interface​

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Don't lose important information,  everything is recorded on the WEB

1. The message is recorded after the tone

2.  The YEASTAR system communicates with the IT Help Center and creates a .WAV file

3. A ticket is automatically created and ready to be attended

Identify the call by knowing the Name and Extension of the person

1. The person calling has a profile within the Help Desk

2.  The call enters the PBX and is redirected to the IT Help Center, knowing its origin

3. Know previous or open cases associated with the user registered in the Help Desk

Centralizes information 

to make responses more efficient.

Adapt tickets

to the advisors who are truly appropriate.

Continuous improvement of IT services and other services in the company.

You can have new users with online registration.

Real-time chat between Users and Advisors.

Ticket handling from PC or Mobile Devices as well as remote access to equipment.

We are flexible between ITIL and the best practices in the market.

Instant alerts and notifications for both users and advisors.

Customized CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

Time and Money

Discover everything you can achieve by integrating your Yeastar PBXs with our Discovery Suite.

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We accompany you step by step, request a Guided DEMO
Sumtec Yeastar

Wholesaler in Peru for Yeastar + IT Help Center

Implement the future of telephone systems in your country
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