Distancia social en la oficina

Have you already updated the telecommuting software?

At home, many employees can be left without operation due to not having up-to-date software or because they do not have the necessary installers.

Distribucion de software online

Distribute software from home, outside the corporate LAN

solucion a la pandemia

Automate the process and install all the machines from a single point

auditar software remoto

Know and audit what the workers who are in HomeOffice use

No more delays in operation or saturated VPNs

Many people are currently working from home and are connected through the corporate VPN but this saturates the network, knocks down services and loses operation of hours or even days.


And not only that, many others need updates, patches or directly software but since they are at home, conventional software does not solve the problem of being outside the corporate network, resulting in sending giant packages that end up damaging the network.

Free your VPN from loads and saturations

Imagine that you are on a bridge and everyone wants to pass at the same time, it gets congested and the bridge may even collapse.


With LeverIT, you can decongest the flow of the VPN and avoid drops in the service of your employees teleworking

The traditional way is no longer an option to solve incidents

Can you imagine installing 20,000 software licenses from home?

From your home or literally from wherever you want, you can provide the update service to computers that are outside the offices, all by cloud and encrypted with the latest in cybersecurity.

The most robust security offered by today's technology

We know that your information is worth more than all the diamonds in the world, that is why we use public / private keys (AES 256) where only the trusted person knows said key and in addition to this, each packet is encrypted bit by bit ensuring both the transfer without corruption or hacking such as network saturation when transferring the necessary data to complete the installation on the machines.

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This is just one of many solutions we have to ease the blow from mandatory quarantine.