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Start a New Journey in the LeverIT Community

Our forum is ready and prepared with people like you, who want to learn more about technology, support, and everything related to IT.

Meet people like you, who know about technology, and contribute to or learn from the community.

Be flexible! We have topics ranging from enterprise support to the most random questions.

Learn from our experts all about best business practices and remote support.

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Who supports the support personnel?

The question we ask ourselves all the time: What happens when a support member has a question and needs support?

You can ask these and more questions in our Discord channel or on our social media platforms, where undoubtedly, there's an expert, a student, or even the pro wrestler turned systems engineer – everyone in the community is here to help you.

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Be part of this new initiative to learn in community with experts, students, and all kinds of IT professionals in today's market.

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