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Is your Company Losing Customers and Still doesn't Know Why?

I vividly remember an occasion when I needed to pay my insurance and upon calling customer service, I consistently found myself speaking to a robot. Unfortunately, the robot couldn't address my query, and I was unable to speak to a human. Consequently, I was compelled to seek another insurer. It's likely that the first insurer wasn't even aware that due to inadequate service, their customers were defecting.

What is the optimal balance between personalized service and robotic assistance in calls? This question involves various factors and doesn't have a single answer. The proficiency of a person with technology is a crucial aspect to consider, but even those skilled in technology may require human intervention to resolve certain issues.

At LeverIT, we're tackling this issue by integrating our support service with WhatsApp to provide a more comprehensive service experience. Through WhatsApp, we can offer quick responses, and thanks to integration with our ITHelpCenter, we can direct inquiries to the most qualified team to address them. Our goal is to ensure that our service is efficient, agile, and contributes to increased sales. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients' customers, thereby fostering their loyalty.

While our ITHelpCenter is initially focused on the technology sector, we're expanding its scope to provide support in various fields. For example, if a hotel guest wants to order dinner, by using our ITHelpCenter, their request will be routed directly to the kitchen staff, ensuring efficient and speedy processing. This integration facilitates increased sales in the hotel and ensures customer satisfaction.

The business use of WhatsApp is continuously growing. At LeverIT, we're capitalizing on this trend by integrating all the functionalities and services we offer, such as reports, alarms, and easily adaptable interfaces, with WhatsApp to provide an even more comprehensive service to our clients. Our aim is for our clients' customers to be satisfied, thereby driving the success of our business partners.

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