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Administration with APIs

No matter where you are, with INTEGRATIONS for your current systems.

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Automatización de Casos por whatsapp

Ticket Automation

Provide your users with the right channels to communicate in the modern era, notifying them promptly according to your service parameters.



The function you've always dreamed of in your favorite application, we make it a reality through APIs.

With a custom web interface.

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Api integración Nagios

Know all processed records and gather every last detail of all events in your IT environment.

If your services go down, your company goes down.

Gartner data suggests that downtimes represent an average productivity loss of 50%.

Integración api whatsapp


Attention in the palm of your hand!

Integrate your WhatsApp Business into a web interface where you can interact, schedule, and address any requests or inquiries from internal or external users of your company.

  • Service tickets tailored to your processes.

  • Appointment scheduling in calendar.

  • Request and delivery of items..

  • Real-time monitoring and response to all automated processes.

  • Switching from a robot to an advisor as needed for assistance.

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Integración Assets con Nagios

We integrate the best of technology for your company

Get records and monitor the events you schedule in your services.

Learn to recognize the vital signs of your servers and equipment.

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Automate your technological events

With the new integration of Nagios and IT Help Center, you get automations for events you schedule in your services, ensuring that under any circumstance, a ticket is automatically created and directed to the corresponding department, providing immediate resolution to the incident.

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Monitor and create alerts

With Nagios and IT Help Center

Startup time of any equipment

Average CPU load

Memory usage

Disk size and percentage usage

Services status

Server status

Check the status of your services

FTP server | http server | ssh | dhcp | pop | imap | smtp | tcp | udp | nt

Learn how to stay alert in the face of any eventuality

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