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Haciendo inventario

Take your physical and technological inventories or control the delivery of your assets from mobile devices and the Web

Are you still managing your inventory with spreadsheets?

Avoid data loss with obsolete methods and switch to the digital era with real-time data of the items you are registering, eliminating reprocessing or data duplication in the inventory.

Why go digital with your inventory?

- Your data is secure in a web environment and available at all times.

- You take inventory, and you can monitor the process in real-time.

- You have signatures from the responsible parties for the inventory to truly know who is in charge of the data.

- You can control asset deliveries that need to be sent into the field, so you know they arrived safely at their destination.

- Your inventory doesn't rely on paper sheets and rewriting because it's taken via mobile devices.

But ... what are assets?

It's everything you have in an office, from desks, chairs, to the water cooler or coffee maker. Any physical object in your work environment is considered an asset since it has a cost and must be registered in the organization's accounting.

In the same way, PCs, servers, or any other technological element present in the business infrastructure are also understood as assets.

Sistema de entregas online

Take your inventory with mobile devices

Imagine being able to take photos of your inventory tags or QR codes of your assets and with just that, have data on their status, location, hardware, or software.

Discovery Geo allows you to have real-time knowledge of the assets you actually have, enabling precise control over transfers from warehouse to office or field, and vice versa.

You have photographic record of the condition of your assets

Your assets are always registered and secure

24/7 awareness of the technical status of your assets

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Discovery Asset Management

Know the status of your technological infrastructure

From a single control point, have all the information about your company's physical and technological assets.

Control licenses, permissions, equipment power on and off, and everything you can measure on your company's PCs or services.

You know your licenses and avoid legal troubles

Control which software and websites employees are using

You have your entire business technology area from your PC

What do the solutions do individually?

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Discovery Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Accurate information about the equipment you manage in the IT area.


  • Control usage policies on the devices and permitted software on the PCs you manage.


  • Easily locate any registered equipment in your company's database.


  • Avoid legal issues with precise audits.

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gestion de inventarios fisicos y tecnologicos

Physical and technological inventories

  • All information about the physical and technological infrastructure from mobile devices.


  • Eliminate the obsolete use of inventory sheets.


  • Prevent duplication of items in your inventory by precisely knowing what each area has and better managing software and hardware.


  • Digital and measurable signatures from inventory responsibles.

Vigilancia seguridad

All Discovery Solutions are adaptable to each other

Complement your IT management scheme with all our solutions to ensure time, resources, and peace of mind in your tasks.

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