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Sky Server

Encryption server and

vpn connection.


Agent that enables

remote connection.


Interface to connect to the computers remotely.

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of the Sky Server

Remember that in order to install the Sky Server you must have a private server in your company to guarantee safe and fast browsing.
  1. Run server.exe

  2. Complete the form with the corresponding data.




  1.   Run agent.exe on all the computers that you are going to access remotely.   

  2. Complete the information that appears in the pop-up window (Company ID and agent secret code)

  3. Authorize and save




  1.   Run visor.exe on your home or workplace computer.   

  2. Make "check" in activate list

  3. Fill in the LogIn data and click the save button.

  4. Click on resume remote operations.

  5. In your list of equipment, select the machine to which you need to have remote access.

  6. Choose if you want to transfer files or take remote access to the computer.


Laptop Office Worker

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  1. My sky server does not connect by telnet


This happens mainly because the server cannot be accessed publicly or, failing that, the service has not started due to some problem with the system.


Note: Remember that if our public IP is different from our local IP, we must configure our router to redirect the requests that arrive to the public sky server to our local computer and its respective port.


First we must verify that the service "sern.exe" is running and for this we enter the task manager (Ctrl Alt + Del) and look in the processes for the service

pantallazo ayuda 1-81.jpg

What happens if the sern doesn't go up when to save?


I'm going to the directory to safely activate the service

pantallazo ayuda 2-82.jpg
pantallazo ayuda 3-81.jpg
pantallazo ayuda 4-81.jpg

Then I telnet again and voila.

pantallazo ayuda 5-82.jpg

The connection was successful.


  1. The Ready icon did not turn green.


The Ready icon turns green on the taskbar when Ready has been successfully installed, successfully paired with the enterprise license, and has an internet connection.


As a first instance we must check that the equipment is connected to the internet.


After that we are going to try to force the connection by double clicking on the icon which will open our credentials assistant, we verify that the Ready is "active", we click on the "View Log" button and then on "Authorize"

pantallazo ayuda 6-83.jpg

There a window will open that shows us which sky server is connecting to and if the connection is being successful (We wait a minute for it to validate and read it from the bottom up)

pantallazo ayuda 7-81.jpg

It shows which sky server it is connecting to (in this case at and if it is getting the connection or not.

In case of not having any registration or obtaining another IP, we may have entered the wrong company number or agent code.

(We must verify that the sky server is properly installed and is receiving the connection with telnet as shown here Sky Server Configuration )

To solve it, we uninstall the agent and reinstall adding the correct license through the company identifier and secret agent code that was assigned to us.

At the end with the correct configuration we will have our green icon with a label that tells us our Ready is active.

2. Problems reinstalling?


The best practice to reinstall is to later erase all the garbage that remains after uninstalling.


  • Uninstall Ready Agent. In control panel.

pantallazo ayuda 9-84.jpg
  • Delete the keys created in the registry

pantallazo ayuda 10-84.jpg
  • Delete LeverIT directory created in C: // Users / Public

pantallazo ayuda 11-84.jpg

Up to this point the Ready agent has been completely uninstalled and the computer is perfectly ready for reinstallation.

3. The Ready icon is green and active but it still won't let you connect?


It should be checked that there is not an explicit antivirus or firewall blocking the entrance to the ports

4. You don't see your identifier and / or password?

pantallazo ayuda 12-83.jpg

This happens because when installing the Ready there were problems with the internet connection.


The solution is to click the quick authorization button and after obtaining the id and generating the password, click on "Authorize"