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Family Video Call

Removing barriers and getting closer to the ones you love is FREE.

Diseño modelo de la hoja

Accompany and remotely assist your loved one's PC."

(Disponible exclusivamente para sistema operativo Windows)

Watch what your children do on the PC while you are away from home.

El acampar en las montañas

How does the software work?


Your home, virtually and securely

For LeverIT customers

Full access for 6 months (6 computers)

Access to support from LeverIT

File transfer (maximum 3GB per day)

Interface customization

Renew your Discovery licenses and get our full version of REW Family for 1 year.





Access for 3 months

(1 computer)


2 hours of navigation a day.


File transfer (maximum 1GB per day)


Access to support from LeverIT

Help yours by remotely accessing their PC's in a secure and private way.




12 month access

(6 computers)


Unlimited browsing


File transfer



Access to support from LeverIT

Do you need remote access but in a business way?


Along with the annual license of the Family REW, get discounts on the enterprise REW solution


US $ 25 / month

Do the sum






Help your loved ones, no matter where you are!

Do you need business remote access?

We explain it to you in this video.

You can also try it totally free

How do you install it?

Few steps that bring you closer to those you love

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Download here the viewer and the agent

Install on your PC

Install on your loved one's PC

Inicio Family Theater

Remember that your activation code is: NOW

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