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It brings you closer to the ones you love

Help your grandma access her email.

Guide your nephew through that game he's been struggling to finish.

Know what your children are doing on your PC while you're away from home.

Diseño modelo de la hoja

Accompany and remotely assist your loved one's PC.

(Available exclusively for Windows operating system)

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How does the software work?

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Premium | Free

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For customers


Premium plan

Full access for 1 year (6 computers)

Access to support from LeverIT (service provider)

File transfer (up to 3GB per day)

Free Plan

Access for 6 months (1 computer)

Access to support from LeverIT (service provider)

File transfer (up to 1GB per day)

Retrato de moda de hombre

Free license

Fill out the form

You're one click away from helping the ones you love.





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Don't miss out on the latest

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How do you install it?

Few steps that bring you closer to those you love

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Download the viewer and the agent here

Install on your PC

Install on your loved one's PC

Inicio Family Theater

Remember, your activation code is: NOW

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