Monitor your business

Wherever you are with Nagios and ITHC

We integrate the best of technology for your company

Get logs and monitor the events that you schedule in your services.

Learn to know the vital signs of your servers and equipment.

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Automate your tech events

With the new integration of Nagios and IT Help Center, you get automations to events that you schedule in your services, thus achieving that under any event, a ticket is automatically created and directed to the corresponding area giving immediate solution to the incident.

If your services fall, your company falls

Gartner data indicates that downtimes represent an average productivity loss of 50%

Monitor and create alerts

With Nagios and IT Help Center

Power on time of any equipment

Size and percentage on Disk

Memory usage

Services status

Average CPU load

Server status

Check the status of your services

FTP server | http server | ssh | dhcp | pop | imap | smtp | tcp | udp | nt

Learn how to be alert to any eventuality