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Improve your attention for remote support

Ticketing | Remote access to PCs | IT infrastructure monitoring

How do you provide support to equipment in your company?

If you're working away from your offices and a server goes down, delaying your daily operations, how do you solve it?

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Automate alerts and resolve them in record time

If the servers go down, you find out instantly without needing to be physically present in the offices.

With a web-based service center, you have real-time knowledge of your hardware and software infrastructure, with real-time values ​​for the status of your equipment and servers.

Optimize your response time to avoid losses."

Chat with the ticket manager to stay informed

Reliable values for decision-making

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controlar equipos fuera de la LAN

Stay operational with a 24/7 virtual agent

Without being inside your company's LAN, you can know what hardware and software accounts you have.

The agent works securely and encrypted, bridging communication between your infrastructure and the Service Center without the need to be within your corporate network, giving you efficiency and adaptability.

Save on infrastructure and avoid repurchases

Know what your business devices are being used for

Data at all times about your hardware and software

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We make the invisible visible

Never again will your devices be lost or your servers forgotten in storage.

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We provide you with a communication channel

Provide immediate support, access employees' computers remotely via the web, or solve requests in record time.

What do Discovery Global and IT Help Center do individually?

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controlar equipos fuera de la LAN

Online Asset Management

  • All the advantages of Discovery Asset Management from the WEB.


  • Control users outside your corporate network.


  • Remote access to business equipment.


  • Ideal tool for HomeOffice and support, saving office and paperwork costs.

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controlar flujos empresariales en pandemia

WEB help desk

  • Save time by shortening the process flow.


  • Minimize paper usage and enter the sustainable era.


  • Keep your company connected through the WEB and access databases from anywhere in the world.


  • Know every detail of the processes your employees carry out in their work tasks.

All Discovery Solutions are adaptable to each other

Complement your management scheme with all our solutions to ensure time, resources, and management in your corporation.

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