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Transform your future

Being a LeverIT Ambassador.

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You just need

to connect with companies or individuals who need technological solutions to manage software and hardware or issues related to telecommuting.

  • If you're in Latin America and you see that our products would be perfect for your IT area, just contact us and we'll provide you with all the tools to earn some extra money.

  • If you want to go further and become a strategic partner of LeverIT in your country, this is your opportunity.

And what do you gain from this?

Besides having a trusted contact for life (we're not the ones saying it, our partners are), you can also have a good extra source of income.

But what we're interested in is what you gain by being a LeverIT Ambassador:

  • Percentage of commission on sales.

  • Discounts on our solutions for the company you refer.

  • Free certifications for our Discovery solutions (upon closing a sale).

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The resources
Currently, we are in the process of creating all the guides for you to start selling. We have set aside spaces on our website for you to download or directly showcase what your future sales with us can achieve.
Some of our partners
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