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Your company backed with quality tools.

Work quietly from home without risking

Connect from home to your computer that you left at the office with a secure and fast connection that guarantees optimal specialized navigation for remote work, which allows you to follow your functions and reduces saturation in the company's VPN.

- Transfer files from your PC to the controlled PC and vice versa.


- You do not have to always ask the password to the PC to control because only you have access to the equipment.


- From a single viewer, you can enter different PCs if you know the password.


- No more VPN drops, the software is optimized and exclusive for remote work.

We have more than 15 years of experience in remote work and employees around the world.

Specialized remote desktop for teleworking

You've probably worked with software that controls computers remotely, but these commercial software are limited and expensive when actually working a full day remotely. That's why Ready EveryWhere was born, which allows you smooth browsing without VPN congestion.

Work from anywhere in the world

Record your session or see what they do on the PC to control

Transfer files between computers immediately

controlar flujos empresariales en pandemia

Receive or post tickets to optimize your times

Notify or resolve incidents from the web to always have contact with the IT area in the company

If your keyboard fails or you need a new mouse, the service center helps you make a channel between the IT area or whatever you need so that you do not delay in solving any incident that occurs to you while at home.

Optimize your

response time avoiding losses

Chat with the ticket manager to be informed

Improve productivity by attending immediately

Imagine that you can help your family and friends remotely

Try our version for families where you can access remotely to help your grandmother check her mail or know what your children are doing while using the computer.

Madre e hija

Your company backed with quality tools.

Abstract Structure
IT Help Center Mesa de ayuda web

WEB help desk

  • Help them to control the tickets, processes and requirements from the web, anywhere in the world.


  • Solve the work of your employees with editable attention models according to the requirements of the company.


  • Provides support efficiently with remote connection to computers via web application.


  • Organize your business departments with multi-area models so that communication is fluid from a single point of control.

Rock Formations
  • Specialized tool for Teleworking.


  • Provide security to your prospects with connections made using their own servers.


  • No more saturations in your clients' network thanks to our Sky Server system


  • Record session, transfer files or just watch the session. Ideal for companies that need immediate support to equipment outside the office.

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All Discovery Solutions are adaptable to each other

It complements a complete security and business control scheme for companies that require it with immediate, adaptable tools tailored to any company.


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